7:00 PM (6 weeks $165)

Equipment familiarity for the dog and handler. All obstacles will be introduced: tire, jumps (including spreads), tunnel, contacts (A-frame, dogwalk, teeter, table), and weaves. You and your dog will be introduced to "Target Training", an important training concept for later classes.

Your dog should have a basic recall and a sit command. A stay command would be beneficial, but not necessary.

Equipment you'll need for the classes is listed on the right

A tab leash is a very short leash that you can hold onto when it is your dogs turn to perform the exercise. It should be short enough that it doesn't reach past the dogs elbow when you let go. It is intended for you to use when you are performing an exercise. All other times the dog must be on your longer leash.

K9 Express has tab leashes for sale $10, see your instructor on class night.